“Our goal is to help you raise the best horse possible
both in the sales ring and on the racetrack.”



At Gunston Hall Farm, we develop foals that are commercially marketable and grow to become quality yearlings and racehorses. In addition to many high priced sale horses, the following stakes performers born at Gunston Hall include Elusive Diva (G2 SW), Strike The Deal (G2 SW), The Pharaoh (SW, G2 SP) Artic Boy (G3 SP), Sam P. (G1 SP), No Lullaby (SP), Diva’s Seastar (SP), (Choose (SW), Trout River Red (SW), Rue Des Reves (SW), Lucy Valentine (SP), Big Lou (SP), among others.

Over the last two years, Gunston Hall has had a ninety percent (90%) infoal rate. This has been accomplished by providing proper lighting and close work with Dr. Cowles, resident veterinarian, ensuring that mares are cycling properly to facilitate an early and good stallion cover. Once the pregnancy is conceived the mare is monitored and ultra sounded regularly to check that the pregnancy and foal is developing properly. Dr. Cowles has also had much success with reproductively challenged broodmares.

At Gunston Hall we deliver approximately seventy (70) foals per year. Typically, four (4) people attend every foaling including at least one veterinarian intern. If there is a complicated delivery, Gunston Hall is located five (5) minutes from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. Once the foal is born it is monitored very closely to assure that it is normal, healthy and receiving proper nourishment. Likewise the mare is also monitored to make certain that she is lactating properly and has no other complications post foaling.

All foals at Gunston Hall are handled daily to develop early imprintation. A conscious effort is made to accustom all foals to human handling and proper leading. The foals are evaluated bi-weekly by Dr. Cowles, the farm manager and our farrier to ensure that they are developing properly and to decide if any corrective measures are necessary.

Overall, our breeding and foaling program has been extremely successful. We have two goals: first, to get your mare pregnant as early as possible, and second, to have a healthy delivery for both mare and new foal. Once these are accomplished we strive to develop your foal into the best possible animal it can be my monitoring it’s development and growth and tailoring to each horses individual needs.


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